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We are an Online platform that helps North American startups connect with local and global investment communities

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EasyVC is an online platform for North American startups and global investors. Startups will have access to a global investment community, including angel investors, business loan firms and venture capital firms. Our platform offers a pre-built customizable pitch. Our pitch creator technology allows you to make a pitch for your company all-in-one page. It’s that easy.

For Investors

Our platform protects the identity of the investors, giving you the choice to contact the startups that match your investment portfolio. You can also create a watchlist of Startups to keep an eye on and receive updates on their progress. Once you feel the Startup is at a stage that you want to invest in, you can contact them directly or anonymously.

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Our platform was made in consideration of both startups and investors. We guarantee total anonymity for investors until you reach out to the startups. For startups, we have created an innovative pitch creator technology that allows you to build your pitch all-in-one page. With EasyVC, building a pitch becomes fast and enjoyable!

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The benefits of EasyVC

Find investors or startups in a harassment free environment

Anonymity for Investors

EasyVC guarantee your privacy as an investor. You select the startups that meet your requirements.

Secure Environment

Our platform has multiple lairs of protection integrated behind the technology to insure the safety and security of your information.

Pitch Creation

Our unique innovative technology makes it easier and faster to pitch your business than ever before.

Pitch Review

To ensure a high quality of pitches for our investors, pitches have to go through a 48 hours reviewal process to get approved.

Easy to Pitch/ Verified investors

We do a verification with every investor that join our network to ensure that all investor profiles are serious investors.

Raise Money

EasyVC offers founders an all-in-one place to raise capital. No need to search for investors for weeks. Saving you time and money.

Our Process

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The proccess for startup..

Never raised capital before? Not a problem, with EasyVC it is easier than ever before. Our innovative pitch creator will assist in every step of the way.


It is easy and simple to register on EasyVC.

Select Your Plan

Choose a plan that fits your company the best. Customizable options are available.

Raise Capital

When approved, you are ready to raise capital for your venture.

Create your pitch

Use our revolutionary pitch creator system. We make pitch creation exciting, not boring.


Register in seconds, confirm your email and you are ready to go!

Create a profile

Tell us more about yourself, so we can match the best startups to your portfolio.

The proccess for investor..

Tired of receiving multiple pitches by email or on your social media profiles? As an investor, you decide which startup you want to approach and connect with.


With our innovative search system, you can easily find exciting startups.


You can message startups directly or add them to your watchlist for future updates.

Startup Plans

These are the prices for EasyVC startup plans. Each plan offers different values to help you implement a better pitch for investors. For example, a premium plan will offer the option to add video about your product or service, reach international investors and more. For more details about each plan, please consult our pricing section.

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